Challenges for Feminism in Turkey

6 Jan

Senem Donatan: “Many people think that honor killing are related to the uneducated people and culture of the south east of Turkey. But this is a lie (…).

Saying I’m a feminist is another pressure, because all people think you are men’s enemies (…). Family is holy and feminism points at relationships which disrupts this holiness.”

Yasemin Öz: “Another issues which is very important in the pressure of honor on women. Sex is very forbidden, to talk about, to discuss about. Women who live as singles or divorced are threatened by honor killings, not only from their family, but from their neighbors as well. If you live alone and invite men to your house people think you’re a prostitute (…).

Finance for feminist movement is extremely difficult, because there are just very few members, and lots of jobs to do. The feminist movement in Turkey makes miracles; if you look at the progress in twenty years you don’t believe this progress was made by just a few 1,000 women.”

Hazal Halavut: “Liberalism is a really important challenge, because Turkey is doing neo-liberal steps one by one and quickly. I think we should think more about other inequalities besides gender inequalities and how to include these in our politics.”

One Response to “Challenges for Feminism in Turkey”

  1. Angelika Ruhrberg December 13, 2011 at 12:46 am #

    I wonder what would happen to me living with a female friend in an apartment and having sexual contacts to men. I am German, I was 18 years in 1975: at the time we never would have dreamt of a headscarf debate or being threatened for having sexual contacts. I am frightened to hear about the backlash everywhere in the world but surely not as distinct as you describe it.The patriarchal family itself is the problem which eliminated matrilinear and matriarchal societies about 5000-7000 years ago in Europe about 7000-9000 years ago in the Middle East by patriarchal violence and war. Some of these societies still exist in China,India, South America in very remote places and they tell us how free and peaceful life could be for women (and men!) if this had not happened. If…

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