Should the ‘headscarf debate’ be a debate?

6 Jan

Senem Donatan: “NO, and that’s very important. A bigger problem is the issue of virginity and honor killing, related, very big pressure about virginity, and that woman should not take pleasure in sex, not discuss it, or masturbate. The challenge is that there is no discussion of sex, women have to change their own way of thinking before society can change.”

Hilal Esmer: “The first issue of Amargi magazine was about the headscarf (…). We, as Amargi members, say we are against every kind of prohibition, including scarf prohibitions. There are lots of talks, but men are in the discussion not women. It’s so stupid when men are discussing for women.”

Hazal Halavut: “Nowadays again I’m changing my mind. Of course I think women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, but I think we also should take part in the questioning of religion too. Of course women should be free but this politically correct discourse sometimes closes some discussion. (…) For example religion is a main basis of patriarchy; how can I say that and on the other hand say women can wear what they want. We need to find a way to discuss both, and shouldn’t be afraid to deal with these issues.”

Yasemin Öz: “Wearing a headscarf accepts religion, which is patriarchal. I would never wear a headscarf. In the world I would prefer no woman wears headscarf to cover her body as a sexual object. But if they do so, we don’t have the right to ban them from education, and work. This is discriminatory practice.”

4 Responses to “Should the ‘headscarf debate’ be a debate?”

  1. stephanie December 7, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Yes definitely, what is the motive of wearing a headscarf? İ have searched in the Coran in the women section about headscarf and İ could not find anything. Somebody please enlighten me on this. İ strongly believe that women should wear what ever they want, without any external pressure but they should not hide their body because of its sexual appeal. Then it becomes a lack in sexual education for both men and women. Women are not sexual objects and men are not sexual dictators. İf we talk about the headscarf issue, then yes, we can bring in the under age marriages and the honour killings, that’s all the same, a miserable male dominance by force. Do we cover men, no. Do we do honour killings on male sibblings, no. Why should women be underesteem upon their physical strength or else? Where is this idea coming from? İ am looking around and İ see more and more women being split apppart from wearing the headscarf or not, why is this?

    • volunteers of Amargi December 8, 2011 at 12:35 am #

      Dear Stephanie,

      In Coran it is stated that the women should cover their bodies according to certain Islamic rules. Did you look into an english version of Coran? It may a misunderstanding because of translation. I am pretty sure that this issue is stated in Coran. However accepting this is something else. I could not accept hiding my body because of its sexual appeal.

      Women who wear scarf are mainly covering their bodies because of their belief. There are also some women who wear scarf because of social pressure, but the majority wears scarf with their free will.
      In my opinion, nobody has right to judge the belief and free will of other people. I personally do not accept wearing scarf. However, in Turkey women with scarf have been banned from education and are still banned from working for state and this is discriminatory practice. I think we should be against this discrimination.

      • volunteers of Amargi December 8, 2011 at 12:36 am #

        By the way, I am Senem from Amargi.

      • stephanie December 8, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

        Hi Senem,
        Thank you for your reply. Yes, İ found an English translation of the Coran which wasn’t very acurate actually. This is an issue İ would like to go into details. İt is very difficult to understand for Western women the will to wear a headscarf. However, the headscarf had been banned in public work places and schools because Turkey is a laic country, not by discrimintion. İ mean every kind of religious believes should not be exposed in those places. İ was born in France and there is the same problem but it is now degenerating as poeple are getting confused and misunderstand eachother. İ am glad to know the majority of women in Turkey wear the headscarf by their own choice and not by being pressured.

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