29 Mar

Tomorrow Friday, the 30th of march 7:30 pm, there will be an opening party of the photo exhibition one day project: after work.

Here some information:

The balance between professional life and domestic life is a subject that has been the object of many scholars through the last decades. Much research focuses on women’s daily routines, equal share of the household chores (cooking, cleaning etc.), childcare (caring for and educating children), social life, and personal care activities. In addition to that, time statistics analyses in most countries claim that working women do more house hold chores compared to the men, in the family. Depending on different surveys and countries the distribution of domestic duties by gender changes from culture to culture. The values of the culture affect the relation between gender roles and unpaid house works. To emphasise and visualize this issue, a cross-cultural photography project was carried out in Denmark and Turkey named “One Day”.

The documentary project was the work of photographer Sehlem Sebik, who was supported by the Danish Government Cultural Scholarship, FREIA (Feminist Research Centre at Aalborg University) and EDGE (Centre for Equality, Diversity, Gender at Aalborg University). The project aimed to show working married mothers’ “One Day” after work. The goal of the project was to observe one day of working mothers in two different cultures.

You are all invited to come and enjoy the party!

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