4 May

Sex Workers

Millions of women like Ms. Oxana Rantseva emigrate to other countries on an “artiste visa” in search for a better life. Instead, they find themselves sucked into a dark world, stripped of choice and agency. However, many women, such as those in the infamous “Red Light District,” choose to pose behind glass windows, and in fact, empower themselves outside the boundaries of social mores.

On Saturday, May 5th, Amargi will  hold a discussion questioning the assumptions surrounding women and transgenders who participate in sex services. In today’s feminist movement, how should we view their bodies–as objects or subjects? Do people who choose this path enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other citizens? And does the state sufficiently protect the rights of those who do not choose this path but find themselves trapped? We will discuss these and other issues with our guest, Şevval Kılıҫ.

As recommended preparation, we suggest that you read the following Text.

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