We will not let Pınar Selek be battered

14 Jun

We are anxiously watching the recent developments that have increasingly been damaging Turkey’s democracy, especially in legal matters. In such an atmosphere, we read with great consternation the horrific news about Pınar Selek, which appeared in certain news agencies. The same horror that hasn’t given us any respite in the past fourteen years… What else can we think about this dirty game, prepared, just like before, to misguide the public, criminalize Pınar and obscure her clear and transparent stance?

As always, they have been unable to find any concrete evidence against Pınar, and as always, they found some dubious notes on some dubious computer and presented it to the press. It is clear as daylight that this computer is from a dark source, and the notes themselves are obscure and vague; it is unclear whom or what they aim to serve. Evidently, failing to wear Pınar down with brute accusations, they are now attempting to use subtler methods such as spreading rumours.

But the truths are too clear to be watered down, or obscured:

Pınar never took part in these scenarios that have been forced upon her for the past fourteen years. It hasn’t been easy to resist this onslaught. It hasn’t been easy to cope with the provocative and fradulent images created of her, with the publications full of lies and confessions. But our friend managed to stay strong, knowing the history of her country, and being familiar with the kinds of games that, in this country, have been played for years on those who dare to think, speak, interfere, struggle for freedom and take responsibility to bring about peace.

Because we know that, in this country, people who dare to approach the Kurdish issue or other controversial issues are punished. Because we know that these people are not punished according to what they do or what they write, but by being terrorized, by being forced into defensive positions, by being battered and worn down. Pınar is only one of these people.

The public knows Pınar Selek quite well. With all that she writes and the work she does her stance against violence and war is clear as can be. She has struggled endlessly for these values, and she continues to do so. In this struggle, she established contacts and formed relationships with many different groups and fractions without any prejudice whatsoever. With this perspective in mind, she also wrote in the Gündem newspaper for a while, not withholding her support and also, at times, her criticism. Is this why they want to punish her? Her work, which has always been open, completely legal and infront of public eyes, is clear and clean enough to be stainproof.

It is evident that this kind of misinformation is consciously being spread right before a hearing of the Spice Bazaar case that has been continuing, endlessly, for the past fourteen years. This Spice Bazaar case, which has become torture not only for Pınar but for everyone who is mindful and conscientious, is now coming to an end. As Pınar Selek was acquitted three times, all the conspiracies against her were laid bare. It is now clear that a certain fraction that feels defeated is attempting to take its revenge. Thus, they are trying to create new crimes for Pınar, even though these lack any kind of basis or foundation whatsoever. We are aware of, and at attention against, this dangerous trap. 

We will continue our struggle for justice, with patience and determination, to the very end.

The ‘We Are Still Witness’ Platform

For more information click here and here.

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