22 Jun

Last Tuesday on 19th of June, the platform of abortion protest and other women organizations met in front of the post office in order to send the petition to the government. It was signed by 680 Turkish NGO’s, 221 women organizations from 50 different countries and more than 55.000 individuals!

Women read the press statement saying that abortion is not a murder but to ban abortion is murder!


  1. Angelika Ruhrberg June 22, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    It is the woman’s decision what happens to her body. It’s nothing but male envy and the feeling of helplessness which makes them want to control women’s lives, their bodies, their sexuality. All statesmen who are in favor of this sick ideology are part of this sick system. Women of all countries:unifiy us, don’t divide us.
    The few remainig matriarchal societies at Juchitan,Mexico, at Lake Lugu in China, in the mountains of Assam in India and the biggest one , the Minankabao in Indoneisa show us how things could be, if this kind of male aggression is a taboo within a culture! Life would have a chance again.

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