2 Aug

The case and the struggle both still continue

A  new hearing was to be held in order to complete the procedural deficiencies in the court cases that have now been combined with the Spice Bazaar case, from which sociologist-writer Pınar Selek has already been acquitted three times. This hearing took place on Wednesday, the 1st of August, in the Istanbul 12th High Criminal Court, which is within the Caglayan Court House.

A temporary court board presided over the hearing because it took place during the judiciary recess period. This board postponed the hearing for the completion of procedural deficiencies  to the 22nd of November.

This court case is being continued for the past fourteen years even though Pınar Selek has been acquitted over and over again. As may be recalled, during the prior most recent hearing of this case, the Prosecution had given a new dictum and asked for an aggravated life sentence, even though the court had previously decided to give a decision of insistence with regards to the acquittal. This “void” dictum by the Prosecution had received a very negative reaction from legal authorities as well as the general public.

A crowded and diverse group of supporters were present at the hearing, ranging from academics to journalists, members of parliament, human rights defenders, members of women’s groups, LGBTQ groups and many other activists. This once again demonstrated that the public is making a greater demand for justice, in the name of Pınar Selek, with every ounce of determination as before.

The ‘We Are Still Witness’ Platform


  1. Anna Karamanou August 3, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    I greatly admire your struggles, for women’s rights and gender equality and thank you very much for keeping me informed. Women in Greece are faced with similar problems. Discriminations, violence and exclusion from political power (only two women in a government of 40) is the order of everyday life. The economic crisis is certainly gendered!! I feel in solidarity with Amargi Istanbul. Congratulations for your organization!!!

    • volunteers of Amargi August 8, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

      Thanks a lot for your interest! We would be glad if you share your experiences in Greece with us.
      You are welcome to visit us anytime you want!

      With feminist solidarity,


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