15 Aug

In the Olympic Games 2012 in London 10 of the 23 participating open LGBT sportspersons turned back to their countries with a medal.

Cyd Ziegler commented: “If a “Homosexual Team” would be a country, it would be the 31st together with Mexico, Ethiopia and the Georgian Republic.”

Among the ones who one a gold medal were Seimone Augustus (USA, women basketball), Carl Hester (Great Britain, horse riding), Megan Rapinoe (USA, women football), and Marilyn Agliotti, Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen from the women hockey team of the Netherlands.

Judith Arnt (Germany, bicycle) won a silver medal, Edward Gal (Netherlands, horse riding) and Lisa Raymond (USA, tennis) won a bronze medal.

Apart from this, the head coach of the USA women football team, Pia Sundhage, and the coach of the british women football team, Hope Powell, are also homosexual.

Participating in the Paralympic Games are two gay sportsperson, Lee Pearson (Great Britain, horse riding) and Claire Harvey (Great Britain, volleyball).

Until today, 58% of the open gay, lesbian and intersex sportspersons that participated in the Olympic Games won a medal. It is supposed that much more of the participating sportspersons are LGBT, but do not pronounce it openly.


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