3 Oct

In Istanbul, Taksim, a wife of soldier began to demonstrate by claiming that she had been raped in Kağıthane police station by 3 police officers.

Reyhan Topal, graduated from law school, stated that she was running a car selling business with one retired policemen and police has opened a court case which claimed she was a fraud. She went to the police station to give her testament but after she was raped and tortured by 3 police officer in Kağıthane police station. Then she has taken to the Kağıthane Hospital but the doctor made his report without seeing her.

Topal said that the situation happened on 30th of August and she couldn’t get out of the shock for one week and when she went to the hospital after one week she could not proove she had been raped. She denunciated but since there was not a prosecutor the process has not been started yet.

Demonstration was supported by LGBTT groups. Topal staged a sit-in and police did not allow anyone else to pass.


For more information read here an article published at bianet.org

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