10 Oct

The important part of the report is given below:

“Comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation, including on the establishment of an antidiscrimination and equality board, is still lacking. A draft law is before the parliament. The relevant parliamentary committee amended the draft to remove references to discrimination on grounds of sexual identity or sexual orientation. The current legal framework is not in linewith the EU acquis. There is discrimination against individuals along ethnic, religious, sexual identity and other lines. Homosexuality is not a criminal offence in Turkey. However lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons continued to suffer discrimination, intimidation and were the victims of violent crime. LGBT employees and civil servants have been fired on the grounds of sexual orientation. Other reported spheres of discrimination against LGBT individuals include access to housing and to health services (especially in the case of transgender persons). A number of court cases and judicial proceedings are in progress. Violations of the right to life, torture, ill-treatment and cases of sexual assault that occurred against LGBTs in Turkey during 2011 have been reported. Shortcomings in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against people with a different sexual orientation or gender identityled to impunity for the perpetrators. Articles of the Turkish Criminal Code on ‘public exhibitionism’ and ‘offences against public morality’ and also articles of the Law on Misdemeanours were widely used to discriminate against and to impose fines on LGBT people. The repeated application of the principle of ‘unjust provocation’ in favour of perpetrators of crimes against transsexuals and transvestites is a major concern. Court cases have been brought against LGBT human rights defenders who accused the police of arbitrary arrests and violence. High-profile public figures repeatedly used negative stereotyping against LGBT persons. The internal rules of the Turkish armed forces continue to define homosexuality as a ‘psychosexual’ illness and to declare homosexuals unfit for military service. Substantial government efforts are still needed to effectively protect vulnerable groups, including women, children, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals from societal abuse, discrimination and violence.”

For more information read here and here.

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