10 Oct

On 6th of October some protesters living in Avcılar Meis blocks, organised a lynch attempt against transsexuals living in those blocks.

A group of people were invited public to lynch the transsexuals living in those apartments and there has been a crowd with 50-60 people in front of the blocks. One of the shouted catch phrases was “We die for our honor (namus)”.

Before 2 days of that hate crime was commited  on a tv show Mehmet Aydın had disclosed the adresses of transsexuals. Kaos gl made a press statement by asking “Will Avcılar be a new lynch area?” and said “housing rights of transgenders cannot be infringed.” 2 Days later of that press statement police did not interfere to that lynch attempt. Lots of people has learnt the situation from the social media and they went to Avcılar to support trans individuals.

The protesters which have shouted numbers of hate slogans announced that they will get together the following also.

Trans individuals living in Avcılar Denizköşkler neighbourhood announced that they will make an allegation, with LGBTT groups and human rights activists, againist Avcılar Police Department and for those who make the protests.

According to KAOS GL’s news the lynch attempt which was organised for the “honor of the neighbourhood” was in fact related with loss of annuity around that neighbourhood.

On 10th October, a member of parliament from İstanbul, Sabahat Tuncel interpallates “Is the transfobic hate in Avcılar being supported by the police headquarters?”

For more information read here and here.


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