29 Oct

The newspaper Haberturk published a picture on October 11. 2012 showing two women dancing halay ( known a Turkish folk dance). The picture belongs to two female members of PKK and Haberturk published the picture with a headline which refers to homosexuals and includes a hate speech: ‘ Shocking images of two female PKK members.’

LamdaIstanbul LGBT, Istanbul LGBT Dayanisma Dernegi, Sosyalist Yeniden Kurulus ( SYK) and Sosyalist Feminist Kolektif ( SFK) gathered to protest Haberturk and its homophobic attitude. Participants state that not only Haberturk is a part of the homophobic print, but also Yeni Akit, Hurriyet and Zaman differentiate people on the basis of sexual orientations. Participants shouted slogans to express their feelings,

– Escinseller vardir, alisin artik! ( Homosexuals do exist, get used to it!)

– Genel ahlak kimin ahlaki? ( Whose moral values?)

For more information read here an article published at

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