About Amargi

In this section of the blog you can find information about the feminist collective Amargi. There is a short description about the name meaning, its founding history, mission, goals, and the structure of Amargi. Also there is a list of projects, workshops and campaigns that Amargi members are involved in and what they accomplished in the past. You can find an overview of interviews made with Amargi activists and listen to audio files about Amargi and Feminism in Turkey as well.

Also you can read about the magazine, Amargi Feminist Review, and can read some of the articles that have been translated into English. Additionally you can find information about the Amargi Group in Izmir and a list of books Amargi has published so far. Finally there is a description of the different parts of Amargi which include an archive, a library as well as a bookstore to be reopened in January 2012 and information about our former cafe. You can see pictures, too!



Sobre Amargi

En esta sección del blog puedes encontrar información sobre la Asociación Feminista Amargi. Hay una pequeña descripción sobre el significado del nombre, la historia de su fundación, su misión, sus objectivos, y su estructura. También, hay una lista de proyectos, talleres y campañas en las cuales las miembras de Amargi están involucradas y/o han completado. Además se incluyen entrevistas, que puedes leer o escuchar, hechas a activistas de Amargi sobre Amargi y el Feminismo en Turquía. 

Puedes leer sobre la Revista Feminista Amargi y encontrar algunos artículos traducidos al Inglés. Se incluye información del Grupo Amargi de Izmir y una lista de libros publicados por Amargi. Finalmente, hay una descripción de algunas ramas de Amargi como el archivo feminista, la biblioteca, y la librería que volverá a abrir en Enero del 2012 así como información sobre nuestro antiguo café. ¡También hay fotos! 

2 Responses to “About Amargi”

  1. slowlybyslowlykaragoz March 13, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    Merhaba women of Amargi,

    I hope you are all well and revelling in the glow of your March 8 celebrations! I look forward to reading about your March 8 activities here soon.

    So, I am leaving a comment as a feminist sister in the states – one married to a Turkish man as well. As a former facilitator of a feminist collective, I read about Amargi with great interest. I used much of your material for a lecture to my students on women’s issues in Turkey – and sent my students to your site to learn more. Most were “shocked” to learn that feminism was alive and well in Turkey – so I am doing my part to try to open my students minds to the long history you have built upon.

    Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. This is an informal social networking award for new (or new-er) bloggers, awarded by other bloggers, in order to bring people to your site. May it bring some folks your way!!!

    In solidarity,


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