Amargi Group Izmir

Amargi Izmir is another chapter of Amargi. Both groups have a positive working relationship with one another. You can read more in Turkish about Amargi Izmir on their blog .

Amargi Izmir is a group of Amargi which is organized in Izmir. Amargi Izmir was founded in 2006. Before that, they were a small group who came together and discussed feminist topics at university. Their purpose is to raise one’s consciousness in becoming a “woman” and make feminist policies with other women by using consciousness that is shared. Amargi Izmir is still questioning how feminism looks at the world and how it can be possible to use the feminist perspective when living in a different world. The group conducts a criticism between feminism and patriarchy. They think that feminism not only consists of sexism but also how that sexism relates to all systematical structures in the world. They are creating their own freedom spaces against all patriarchal power structures. Amargi Izmir is fighting against all systems of exploitation, militarism, racism, and heterosexism. They are working on improving the feminist approach against the applications of patriarchal system. They participate in work platforms and common communication networks are made with individuals and members of other groups who are also fighting against violence and discrimination. There is no chair-person in the group and everybody has an equal speech so that, voluntary action and transparent decision making are our primary principles. When working together, Amargi Izmir starts from their own experiences and share all of them for feminist solidarity. Amargi Izmir has only women volunteers. Only women who are interested in the subject of feminism take a place in the group. However, the group can move together with other mixed groups if they come to a consensus. Furthermore, Amargi Izmir want to come together with all women organizations in Izmir.

Amargi Izmir uses many techniques when trying to deal with the patriarchy. First of all, and the most well known, are meetings of consciousness-raising. Women of Amargi begin to criticize the words and ideology of the patriarchal system. All of beliefs that are criticized give women a chance to create a new language and discourse. These meetings which take place every Thursday are open to all women. The group also reads books and articles which are written by women authors and academics and hold discussions on issues which they call “works of awareness”. These are some topics that have been discussed: Sex & Gender, Sexuality, Rape & Pornography, Militarism, Morality, Sex Workers, Peace, Homophobia, Hate Crimes, Eco-feminism & Vegetarianism, Masculinity, Language & Power, Identity & Queer Theory, Gender & Sexuality at Cinema, Fashion & Woman, Feminism & Utopias, Class, Feminism & Gender, Islam & Feminism, and Transphobia.

The other workshop that takes place is a Literature Workshop. In that workshop, the group chooses novels – like Pride and Prejudice (J. Austen), Effi Briest (T. Fontane), Madame Bovary (G. Flaubert), To Walk (S. Soysal), The Dispossessed (U. K. Leguin) – and reads them together through a feminist perspective. Amargi Izmir also practices Book Workshops. The group chooses academic books that are written by female authors about feminism, militarism, peace, women movement and its history etc.

Besides this, Amargi Izmir also organizes a group dedicated to learning local dance. This group consists of female musicians and dancers. Recently they have also started painting lesson for women. Also occasionally the group holds Reader Meetings panels (about the topics from Amargi Feminist Theory and Political Review), and screens plays and movies.

Amargi Izmir also works with other local groups in Izmir on shared topics. These organizations include: Izmir Coordination for Women Against Violence, Izmir Women Platform, Feminist-İz.

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