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“Feminist Discussions 2012” is now published

27 Jan

As a result of the feminist discussions which where held in 2012 a book is published.

To get more information you can contact and

The book is free of charge, you just have to pay for the shipping costs.

Also you can pick it up at Amargi directly which is still open until end of January.

The book is in Turkish. 

Buch Feminizm Tartismalari 2012


11 Sep

This Saturday, 15th of September, we will discuss “Feminist Utopias and Politics” at 1:00 pm at Amargi.

Here are some questions we will want to discuss together:

  • What is an “utopia”?
  • Is it an ideal? Is it a way of resistance? Or both of it?
  • What are the differences between feminist utopias and utopias in general?
  • If we bring property, gender, social belongings, politic systems, freedom, types of repression etc. into question, is there a necessity for utopias to imagine an alternative world?
  • What kind of role can utopia play in feminist politics?
  • Are there any politics without utopias?

The language of discussion is Turkish but we are looking forward to see you all!


3 Jul

This saturday, the 7th of July at 1pm we will have our last feminist discussion befor the summerbreak.

After 13 interesting meetings, this time we will talk about TV series through a feminist perpective.

Why is watching TV series so common?

How can we bring it into question?

Even though there is often (sexual) violence in the series, why do people continue to watch it?

Come and enhance our discussion.


22 Jun

This week, there is no feminist discussions on Saturday because we all join the pride week. You are also kindly invited! For more information check here.

Next week, on Tuesday, 26th of June at 20:00 pm we will continue our feminist discussions with the topic “Pornography and Feminism“. In cooperation with 20th Istanbul LGBTT Pride Week, we will watch the short movie Share and the documentary Sisterhood which are directed by Marit Otsberg. These movies will be in English with Turkish subtitles.

Is feminist pornography possible?

Should feminism always oppose to pornography?

Is it possible that a woman is both feminist and porno star? Are women in pornographic movies victims of patriarchical system?


14 Jun

In Turkey we are in process to revise the constitution.

That’s why, on this Saturday, the 16th of June at 1pm we will discuss it through the perspective of feminism, LGBTT and ecology.


7 Jun

This time our discussion will take place on sunday (not on saturday) at 1 pm in Cezayir Toplantı Salonu in Taksim.

Our topic will be: “How can we come together despite our differences?


31 May

This saturday, on the 2nd of June at 1:00 pm our feminist forum will be located in Mimar Sinan Fındıklı Kampüsü.

Our topic: ‘different approaches to feminism and the 3rd wave’

We want to excange our ideas about what we understand from the 3rd wave of feminism, how it is located in the global feminist movement and especially in the Turkish feminist movement. We will focus on the journals of Roza, Jujin and Jin u Jiyan and discuss in this way how they started this important topic in Turkey in the 90s.

Afterwards we will continue the discussion by asking, if there is any relation between Queer-theory and the 3rd wave of feminism.


17 May

This saturday 19th of May at 1.00 p.m. we continue our discussions with the topic ‘Feminist organization’ in Turkey.

Some of the main priorities in feminist work are non-violence and anti-hierarchy. That’s why it is important to reflect ourselves how do we as feminists struggle with ‘power, violence and hierarchy’ in our own organizations?

As most of the feminist organizations are non-governmental or grassroot organizations, they are mostly based on voluntary commitment.  So we want to talk about the question if volunteering creates hierarchy in the organizations?

Three volunteers from different organizations will share their personal experiences.

Everybody is welcomed to join our discussion which is hold in Turkish!


10 May

This Saturday, on the 12th of may there will be again the feminist discussion at Amargi. At 1.00 pm we start with the topic “trans feminism” and talk about

“what is trans feminism?”

“who are the subject?”

“why are trans genders criticised by main stream feminist movement in 90s and radical feminists?”

“how trans gender experiences help us to understand our sexuality?”

“how they can resist the patriarchal pressure?”

We invite you kindly to be part of our discussion…


4 May

Sex Workers

Millions of women like Ms. Oxana Rantseva emigrate to other countries on an “artiste visa” in search for a better life. Instead, they find themselves sucked into a dark world, stripped of choice and agency. However, many women, such as those in the infamous “Red Light District,” choose to pose behind glass windows, and in fact, empower themselves outside the boundaries of social mores.

On Saturday, May 5th, Amargi will  hold a discussion questioning the assumptions surrounding women and transgenders who participate in sex services. In today’s feminist movement, how should we view their bodies–as objects or subjects? Do people who choose this path enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other citizens? And does the state sufficiently protect the rights of those who do not choose this path but find themselves trapped? We will discuss these and other issues with our guest, Şevval Kılıҫ.

As recommended preparation, we suggest that you read the following Text.