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29 Oct

The newspaper Haberturk published a picture on October 11. 2012 showing two women dancing halay ( known a Turkish folk dance). The picture belongs to two female members of PKK and Haberturk published the picture with a headline which refers to homosexuals and includes a hate speech: ‘ Shocking images of two female PKK members.’

LamdaIstanbul LGBT, Istanbul LGBT Dayanisma Dernegi, Sosyalist Yeniden Kurulus ( SYK) and Sosyalist Feminist Kolektif ( SFK) gathered to protest Haberturk and its homophobic attitude. Participants state that not only Haberturk is a part of the homophobic print, but also Yeni Akit, Hurriyet and Zaman differentiate people on the basis of sexual orientations. Participants shouted slogans to express their feelings,

– Escinseller vardir, alisin artik! ( Homosexuals do exist, get used to it!)

– Genel ahlak kimin ahlaki? ( Whose moral values?)

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16 Oct

European Court of Human Rights ordered Turkey to pay damages for 18.000 Euros over a prisoner who was held alone in a cell due to his sexual orientation.

The prisoner claims that he was put in a small and dirty cell and he was not allowed to join any kind of activity. He says that he only had the right to see his lawyer. After a while, due to his diagnosis for depression, he was sent to a mental institution where he spent a month. Later on, he was put in another cell to stay with another homosexual prisoner where both suffered verbal abuse over their sexual orientations by one of the guardians. And yet, after the complaints of the prisoner, he was put in a new cell which has solitary conditions.

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10 Oct

The important part of the report is given below:

“Comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation, including on the establishment of an antidiscrimination and equality board, is still lacking. A draft law is before the parliament. The relevant parliamentary committee amended the draft to remove references to discrimination on grounds of sexual identity or sexual orientation. The current legal framework is not in linewith the EU acquis. There is discrimination against individuals along ethnic, religious, sexual identity and other lines. Homosexuality is not a criminal offence in Turkey. However lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons continued to suffer discrimination, intimidation and were the victims of violent crime. LGBT employees and civil servants have been fired on the grounds of sexual orientation. Other reported spheres of discrimination against LGBT individuals include access to housing and to health services (especially in the case of transgender persons). A number of court cases and judicial proceedings are in progress. Violations of the right to life, torture, ill-treatment and cases of sexual assault that occurred against LGBTs in Turkey during 2011 have been reported. Shortcomings in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against people with a different sexual orientation or gender identityled to impunity for the perpetrators. Articles of the Turkish Criminal Code on ‘public exhibitionism’ and ‘offences against public morality’ and also articles of the Law on Misdemeanours were widely used to discriminate against and to impose fines on LGBT people. The repeated application of the principle of ‘unjust provocation’ in favour of perpetrators of crimes against transsexuals and transvestites is a major concern. Court cases have been brought against LGBT human rights defenders who accused the police of arbitrary arrests and violence. High-profile public figures repeatedly used negative stereotyping against LGBT persons. The internal rules of the Turkish armed forces continue to define homosexuality as a ‘psychosexual’ illness and to declare homosexuals unfit for military service. Substantial government efforts are still needed to effectively protect vulnerable groups, including women, children, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals from societal abuse, discrimination and violence.”

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10 Oct

On 6th of October some protesters living in Avcılar Meis blocks, organised a lynch attempt against transsexuals living in those blocks.

A group of people were invited public to lynch the transsexuals living in those apartments and there has been a crowd with 50-60 people in front of the blocks. One of the shouted catch phrases was “We die for our honor (namus)”.

Before 2 days of that hate crime was commited  on a tv show Mehmet Aydın had disclosed the adresses of transsexuals. Kaos gl made a press statement by asking “Will Avcılar be a new lynch area?” and said “housing rights of transgenders cannot be infringed.” 2 Days later of that press statement police did not interfere to that lynch attempt. Lots of people has learnt the situation from the social media and they went to Avcılar to support trans individuals.

The protesters which have shouted numbers of hate slogans announced that they will get together the following also.

Trans individuals living in Avcılar Denizköşkler neighbourhood announced that they will make an allegation, with LGBTT groups and human rights activists, againist Avcılar Police Department and for those who make the protests.

According to KAOS GL’s news the lynch attempt which was organised for the “honor of the neighbourhood” was in fact related with loss of annuity around that neighbourhood.

On 10th October, a member of parliament from İstanbul, Sabahat Tuncel interpallates “Is the transfobic hate in Avcılar being supported by the police headquarters?”

For more information read here and here.



15 Aug

In the Olympic Games 2012 in London 10 of the 23 participating open LGBT sportspersons turned back to their countries with a medal.

Cyd Ziegler commented: “If a “Homosexual Team” would be a country, it would be the 31st together with Mexico, Ethiopia and the Georgian Republic.”

Among the ones who one a gold medal were Seimone Augustus (USA, women basketball), Carl Hester (Great Britain, horse riding), Megan Rapinoe (USA, women football), and Marilyn Agliotti, Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel, Kim Lammers and Maartje Paumen from the women hockey team of the Netherlands.

Judith Arnt (Germany, bicycle) won a silver medal, Edward Gal (Netherlands, horse riding) and Lisa Raymond (USA, tennis) won a bronze medal.

Apart from this, the head coach of the USA women football team, Pia Sundhage, and the coach of the british women football team, Hope Powell, are also homosexual.

Participating in the Paralympic Games are two gay sportsperson, Lee Pearson (Great Britain, horse riding) and Claire Harvey (Great Britain, volleyball).

Until today, 58% of the open gay, lesbian and intersex sportspersons that participated in the Olympic Games won a medal. It is supposed that much more of the participating sportspersons are LGBT, but do not pronounce it openly.



28 Jun

As the last event of the 20th LGBT Pride Week in Istanbul we will march together one more time.

On this sunday, the 1st of July after the Amargi Solidarity Brunch at 5:00 pm we will walk from Taksim square to Tünel square, shouting, dancing and marching against discriminiation and violence!