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Movement Workshop

1 May

The idea for organizing a movement workshop emerged with the intention of observing, questioning and changing our bodies and relationships between our bodies through moving. We have aimed to get rid of physical symptoms to which we are accustomed to use in daily life and raise a fresh awareness of our body. The other aim of us was to widen the oppurtunities of ours, who came together for politics. We have wanted to seek the ways of discussing, collecting and differing through not just talking but moving. We have wished not to restrict our existence to the thinking system based on just mind but to support our struggle of existence with the movement of our bodies.

In these workshops the method of ‘The Mode of Movement’ is used basically. This method depends on the idea that every movement and sound have a mode. To determine the mode,  shared variables in movement and sound will be ranked. For instance, while  moving altogether, we will differentiate the speed, fluence and repeatability of the movement or when singing a song, we will try to sing it faster or slower than usual. When  moving with the method of ‘Mode of Movement’, a common area for moving and a diversity in which each one of us decides their own original movement progress will come into existence. We believe that this kind of experience contributes to the practise of cooperation which we want to build in Amargi.