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19 Apr

Today, on April 19th at 7:15 pm, we will hold a sexuality workshop and watch a movie about the choreographer Pina Bausch. After the movie, we will discuss how she employs her body through dance from a feminist perspective.


1 Mar

We are watching a movie called Yazı Tura…

Sexuality Workshop

2 May

In the workshop of sexuality, we do reading, discussing and talking about our experiences within the frame of ‘body politics and sexuality’. The participants express that they set out with the questions such as ‘from where do we see sexuality, how do we define sexuality and how are we made to define it?’ The participants firstly share their own history of sexuality and question the various states of being closed, imposed by patriarchy,  such as ‘motherhood’, ‘pregnancy’, ‘virginity’, and ‘honour’ through richening their own experiences with discussions.

The participants of this workshop gather every Thursday in Amargi İstanbul but the meetings are exclusive. On the other hand, the participants are in preparation to organize a public activity.