Contact Us

For Volunteers

Do you want to be involved in Amargi? Are you a feminist, anti-militarist, anti-homophobic and anti-racist? If yes, then our only requirement is that you participate in our meetings. You can contact us via e-mail or phone and ask when the next Amargi meeting is happening. Please note that our meetings are usually held in Turkish, with some translation, and while non-Turkish speakers are also always welcome it may be a little boring.

For Interns

Interns from all over the world are always welcome to Amargi. If you are interested in being an intern with us please send us a motivation letter including your special interests related to Amargi’s projects, previous experience in the field and your time availability. 

For Feminist Travelers 

Are you a feminist traveler? Feel free to stop by our office for a feminist chat, Turkish tea and coffee. We have an enjoyable place on Istiklal Street with a fantastic view, especially in the evening.  We would pleased to host you in Amargi and be in contact with you for further collaborations. 

For Researchers

If you are interested in doing research about Amargi, or use information from Amargi’s archive and library, please fill the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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