Recommended Readings, Documentaries and Websites

Recommended Readings:

ALTINAY, AYŞE GÜL; ARAT, YEŞIM: Violence against Women in Turkey. A Nationwide Survey. Istanbul 2009. Available here.

AMARGI YAYINLARI (Edit.): Özgürlüğü Ararken. Istanbul 2005.

BERKTAY, FATMAGÜL (Edit.): The Position of Women in Turkey and in the European Union. Achievements, Problems, Prospects. Istanbul 2004.

DEDEOĞLU, SANIYE; ELVEREN, ADEM Y. (Edit.): Gender and Society in Turkey. The impact of neoliberal policies, political Islam and EU accession. London/New York 2012.

HEINRICH-BÖLL-FOUNDATION (Edit.): The Debate on Gender Mainstreaming in Turkey. Istanbul 2007.

KOÇ, GÜNEŞ: Ein Überblick über die Geschichte der Frauenbewegung in der Türkei vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart (2009), in: Grundrisse. Available here.

MÜFTÜLER-BAÇ, MELTEM: Gender Equality in Turkey. Brussels 2012. Available here.

ÖZAKIN, ÜLKÜ AYŞE: Accomodating Diversity within Feminism in Turkey. The Amargi Women’s Cooperative, 2001-2011. Ankara 2012.

ÖZDEMIR, ESEN; BAYRAKTAR, SEVGI (Edit.): Amargi Feminizm Tartışmaları 2011. Istanbul 2011.

SANCAR, SERPIL; BULUT, AYÇA: TURKEY. Country Gender Profile. Ankara 2006. Available here.

SOMERSAN, BIHTER: Feminismus in der Türkei. Die Geschichte und Analyse eines Widerstands gegen hegemoniale Männlichkeit. Münster 2011.

TEKELI, ŞIRIN: Die erste und die zweite Welle der Frauenbewegung in der Türkei, in: Claudia Schöning-Kalender; Ayla Neusel; Mechtild M. Jansen (Edit.): Feminismus, Islam, Nation. Frauenbewegungen im Maghreb, in Zentralasien und in der Türkei. Frankfurt, New York 1997. S. 73-93.

Recommended Documentaries:

Check out the you-tube-channel from the Filmmor Women’s Cooperative.

Here you can listen to an interview with Pınar Ilkkaracan about the feminist movement and women’s rights in Turkey from July 2011.


Recommended Websites:

Here you can find the website of the Amargi Magazine.

Here you can find the archive of the feminist magazines Pazartesi, Kaktüs und Feminist.

Here you can check for feminist news at in Turkish and in English.

Information about Women organizations you can find at the website of the Kadın Eserleri Kütüphanesi ve Bilgi Merkezi Vakfı (Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation) in Turkish.




2 Responses to “Recommended Readings, Documentaries and Websites”

  1. Anna Karamanou December 19, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    I would like to thank the Amargi women for the valuable information on women’s struggles for rights and gender equality, in Turkey. The situation is quite similar to the Greek. The underlying culture is the same: Patriarchy, emphasis on family and family rights above individual rights, division of labour by sex, male domination in politics, male violence against women. This male “supremacy” has caused the crisis, not and only the economic one, but also the crisis of a value system based on coercive power and exclusion of women…

    • Anna Karamanou December 19, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

      Congatulations and Best Wishes to AMARGI women!!!!!

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