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Research Project: “Comparing the women’s movements in different cities in Turkey.”

25 Mar

Research project on women’s movements in Turkey receives founding by Mercator foundation. The project will start in 2014 in the Unit of Intercultural Education at the University of Bremen, Germany. 

Project Management: Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu
Responsible Researcher: Charlotte Binder, Aslı Polatdemir
Funding: Stiftung Mercator as part of the research group on “Contemporary Turkey Studies”
Duration: January 2014 till December 2016

The research project focuses on women who are committed to gender equality in Turkey and asks how they perceive their situation and their options for agency.
The project explores the social structures and backgrounds of the respective women’s movements, their institutional affiliation and goals, the importance of transnational relations as well as current themes, approaches and underlying ideologies in a internally comparative perspective.
Case studies of the women’s movements in the major cities Ankara and Diyarbakir and in two rural regions of Turkey are analysed with qualitative methods.
The aim of the research is to gain insight into the influence of different socio-economic and political conditions on women’s movements in transnational, urban and rural space.
In 2016, a multilingual project report, a press pack and a multilingual website about women’s movements and gender politics in Turkey will be presented to the interested (professional) public in Germany and Turkey, intending to contribute to a contemporary and more informed image of Turkey in the country itself, Germany and Europe. A final event is a workshop with scientists and representatives of Women’s NGOs from Turkey and Germany to discuss the results of the project, developing common strategies and collaborations to be initiated.
The project builds on previous research by Charlotte Binder about the International Women’s Day in Berlin and Istanbul.

For more information about the project click here (English) or here (German).