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29 Oct

Melek Karaaslan (24) had died due to domestic violence on July 25. Now, her husband, her father and her parent-in law were sued to life imprisonment.

Melek Karaaslan got married when she was 16. Ever since the beginning of her marriage, she suffered domestic violence. At the age of 18, she was forced to leave house by her husband and his family. She gave birth outside in the cold. Due to the extreme cold and the physical abuse, she gave birth to a dead baby. Even though Melek had tried to escaped her house and wanted to live with her own parents, her father asked her to be with her husband on the basis of the traditions. The violence did not stop. Melek Karaaslan fell to 30 kilos and lost her wits. On July 25, she had died as a result of the violence chain that she could not break on her own and could not get any help from her own parents.

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16 Oct

The 15th General Assembly of Women gathered in Izmir, Ozdere. An approximate number of 200 women attended to the meeting.

The main idea behind the meeting was ‘ we want equality not charity to struggle with the violence against women.’

A lot of women coming from various places of Turkey attended to the meeting which will last for three days and will be hosted by İzmir Kadın Dayanışma Derneği (Woman Solidarity Organization of Izmir). For the most part, participants focused on violence against women and criticised the attitude of government on right to abortion and right to ceasarean section.


The participants of the meeting:

Adana Akdam

Antalya Kadın Dayanışma Derneği

ÇEKEV İzmir Çiğli Evka 2 Kadın Kültür Derneği

Diyarbakır Selis

Elder Çanakkale

Ergani Selis


İzmir Kadın Dayanışma Derneği


Mersin Bağımsız Kadın Derneği

Mor Çatı Kadın Sığınağı Vakfı

Muş Kadın Derneği

VAKAD Van Kadın Derneği



10 Oct

Get Up, Stand Up: inspiring action against violence.

a collaborative project by Hollaback! Istanbul & DreamTree Productions

 The Bibliotheca Multicultural Centre will host Get Up, Stand Up:  inspiring action against violence.  The event is organized by Canımız Sokakta: Hollaback! Istanbul & DreamTree Productions.

Get Up, Stand Up is a night of visual and performance art. The aim is to raise awareness and work toward ending harassment & violence in all its forms. Donations and proceeds will benefit local organisations that focus on ending physical and verbal violence.

Enjoy a night of artistic expression while helping your community.

Where:           Bibliotheca Multicultural Centre; Anadolu Sokak No: 23/6, Beyoğlu-Istanbul

When:            19 October 2012; 20.00-23.30

Tickets are 15TL- 12TL for students and can be purchased at the door.

If you want to be a performer on that night (poetry, singing, dance, music etc.) please contact with the adress below:

Contact: Kendra Tyre or Donna Banks
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3 Oct

In Istanbul, Taksim, a wife of soldier began to demonstrate by claiming that she had been raped in Kağıthane police station by 3 police officers.

Reyhan Topal, graduated from law school, stated that she was running a car selling business with one retired policemen and police has opened a court case which claimed she was a fraud. She went to the police station to give her testament but after she was raped and tortured by 3 police officer in Kağıthane police station. Then she has taken to the Kağıthane Hospital but the doctor made his report without seeing her.

Topal said that the situation happened on 30th of August and she couldn’t get out of the shock for one week and when she went to the hospital after one week she could not proove she had been raped. She denunciated but since there was not a prosecutor the process has not been started yet.

Demonstration was supported by LGBTT groups. Topal staged a sit-in and police did not allow anyone else to pass.


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6 Sep

“Do not punish the woman who is exposed to rape, do punish the rapist! Let’s shorten up the procedures to protect women from painful processes of unwanted pregnancy.”

We invite all women to come to Taksim Square this Saturday, September 8th, at 1 p.m.!

Shout out your statement, give it to the public!


6 Sep


There was a court in Sakarya, located in the eastern area of Istanbul, in 29th of August. It was about a gang rape committed by 34 men three months ago. The young girl is 14 years old. All the men are still suspected but after the court was postponed, all of them were set free. 

Feminists in Istanbul hung up a banner with the decisive message to show their protest against this decision : “We do not accept a law that tolerates rapes!” 


15 Aug

Men killed 20 women, three other men and two children, injured 24 women, raped 11 and sexually harassed seven more in July, 2012, according to news reports compiled by bianet from local and national newspapers, news websites and agencies.

Women’s husbands turned out to be their worst nemesis, as they were most frequently the culprits in cases of murder and violence.

Istanbul topped the list in womens murders, while the northwestern province of Bursa saw the largest number of cases of violence toward women. The southern province of Antalya also witnessed incidents of rape more so than any other province.

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