Meaning of Amargi

6 Jan

Aksu Bora: “Amargi is a place where I can engage in feminist politics.”

Cansu Karamustafa: “Amargi is an anti-hierarchical and flexible organization for the struggle of women’s freedom.  For me, it’s being an academy means a refreshing transformation of both ourselves and what can be done against patriarchal minds. So, this kind of organization means a struggle by touching different women and transforming together.”

Esen Özdemir: “Amargi organizes women who have never been part of organizations before (…). Amargi gives me the feeling if we are together we can change the world (…). Also in Amargi there is no clear definition of what feminism is.”

Hazal Halavut: “In Amargi there are many things unique, especially the culture of questioning yourself and relationships and trying to prevent hierarchy and power inequality.”

Hilal Esmer: “Amargi really has a political view that can include a lot of women (…). I came to Amargi for myself. Women change their lives, but in Amargi I saw women literally coming about projects for themselves. All women have different concerns in their heads; some want to work with Kurdish people, some about homophobia, some want to develop art-performance.”

Yasemin Öz: “Amargi has an anti-hierarchical structure. Because the structure of Amargi is very close to anarchism, I can be a part of it. Anarchism is a very important issue in my life.”

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